Who Even Are We?

We are Mo Bights and Pixie Seraphina, lovers of over a decade, rope students for over 5 years and lifetime kinksters with an open mind and positive attitude looking to explore the depths and reaches of our relationship through our rope.

Image shows a womans back, hands tied and crossed. The image is in black and white except for the rope which retains its original golden colour.

Aside from this we are also both parents, Pixie is a successful Business owner, Massage Specialist, a Reiki Healer and Aerialist, practicing Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silk, alongside other passions such as Yoga, Crystal Therapy and Meditation. A Natural healer Pixie is drawn towards pursuits through which she is able to help and heal both herself and others.

Mo is an obsessive type, often researching and investigating into his passions with fervent intrigue and desire to delve deeper and develop more understanding, whether that be in Rope, Kink, Photography, Culture, Food or his recently 4-year part time degree alongside a full-time job. Rarely do we rest upon our laurels and together we support and drive each other to consistently challenge ourselves to become the best possible versions of the people we are and want to be in the future.

Image shows black and white face of a man with a beard and mohawk

This blog is a way in which we can share this passion for specifically Japanese inspired rope bondage, or Shibari, but also express the part of ourselves that is interested in the human connection that is achieved in the often subversive and counterculture that is kink and its related activities, in a sex positive, kink positive and inclusive manner. We are both always learning and happy to develop our understanding, debate our opinions and listen to the opinions and experiences of those around us in so much that we can take these experiences to develop ourselves further.

Expect many of the contributions here to be written by Mo, with input, direction and enhancements from Pixies perspective.

We hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet and find something that resonates with you.

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