Christian Red Arms Front Harness – Scene and Decompression Notes 17/06/2021 (Part 1)

The Scene

Last month we were treated to a 4-hour private tuition with Christian Red (@BondageTuition) to help us begin our journey into suspension. After 5 years of rope and 16 months of covid lockdown delaying our ability to get in person tuition we were both very excited to build the skills to get airborne.

During that session Christian taught us a wonderful arms front harness (right). This was risk mitigation for an existing nerve impingement Pixie has been suffering from, due to an injury sustained on the aerial silks.

After a month of very little rope practice (barring our post LAMChester play session) we decided to set some time aside to really get to grips with what we had learned. 

Working from memory we managed to recreate the harness and a successful side suspension (left), using a mermaid tie and single column ankle ties, producing some really interesting shapes as Pixie was able to move around somewhat freely. 

 We managed to get a comfortable 15-20 minutes of suspension time, with some minor transitions of different leg positions and some band bends and tucking, exploring the movement within the harness and different manipulations. Afterwards, bringing Pixie down for a comfortable descent into some post rope relaxation, water, aftercare cuddles and reflection. 


In our decompression session we reflected on what worked well, what could be improved, what we enjoyed.


From my perspective as a Top, I was super happy that we were able to create a stable harness to safely lift and get airborne, creating some beautiful shapes and images. The Mermaid tie was sustainable for side suspension, with the hanger sitting across two bands. Although this had the effect of bringing the centre out of alignment. It also put some additional pressure on the side of the lower thigh.

When looking back at the photos we also noticed that the vertical frictions were incorrect, on the upside this created two vertical lines over the shoulder, but this resulted in the elbows being slightly more free and able to move, which could result in the bands rising on the shoulder. Although aesthetically nice to have the dual shoulder straps, it seems to lose some tension in the harness overall. 

Being super critical I also took away a need to create cleaner uplines in handling the excess rope, possibly by doubling over the rope in a hitch before creating the spiral lock off. 

Pixie Seraphina

Coming Soon………

Read More in Decompression Notes on the Christian Red Arms Front Harness – 17/06/2021 (Part 2)


You can find Christian on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Fetlife, or support him via his Patreon

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