Christian Red Arms Front Harness – Scene and Decompression Notes – 17/06/2021 (Part 2)

The Scene

After a successful afternoon session (Read Part 1) testing the Christian Red arms Front Harness, we decided to take another attempt and creating this harness in the correct form, with a single shoulder strap and the frictions coming together under the elbows creating additional tension and holding them closer to the body. 

A woman is suspended in rope in a black an white image, in the style of Japanese Rope Bondage, or Shibari. While the image is black and white the rope and her lips retain their original colour. Her face is content and peaceful while gracefully floating in the air.

You can see in the above image how this changes the shape of the original harness, adding additional tension to lock down the elbows to the body. Again, this was super sustainable and comfortable, paired with another mermaid leg harness, this time taking it below the knee. And considerably tighter than the afternoon session as a reaction to the hanger producing some shifting of the central stem. 

Another super fun scene with some playful moments, notably Pixie giving me some brat vibes while I was trying to take a beautiful aesthetic photo to appease the social media ego, alongside testing some alternative angles, close ups, and detail shots. 

This “lab-scene” was about 10 minutes tying time, with about 15-20 minutes in the air. Due to the Lower positioning of the mermaid tie, there was significantly less variance to do any position changes, and this brought the scene to a close with less dynamism.



Trying the same harness multiple times in a day provides invaluable insight and understanding of both myself and the harness. In revisiting the same harness, a second time that day, I was able to connect more with pixie and focus less on the process of the rope, small kisses here, a reassuring touch there. These elements of connectivity are why I described this as a “lab-scene” bridging between the trial and test of Labbing, with some of the immersive elements of true scene-based play. There were moments as Pixie relaxed into the rope that I could being to see her processing her feelings and delving deeper into herself.

A significant improvement on the afternoons execution of the Christian Red Harness showed how comfortable and versatile this harness really is. Still some work to do on the mermaid leg tie to get it to a place where I am satisfied with it aesthetically, although from a purely functional perspective, it was more than capable. Pixie did give me feedback that having two side suspensions in the same day on her tender thighs did result in some discomfort and the need to process the pain more deeply. 

On moment of reassurance was attaching the upline to the chest harness before starting the leg tie. This was super important as once I got below the knee Pixie lost balance and tilted to the side, fortunately held in a partial by the upline on her chest. Had that not been there we could have been looking at a pretty nasty fall.


Coming soon….


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