Leif’s Hug Harness – Scene and Decompression – Part 2 20/06/2021

The Scene

After a week of intensive rope, learning and experience together, we decided that we would surprise some friends in our local munch discord server with a Live video of our rope. We don’t perform rope in front of others very often, and only had some group sessions with friends a handful of times before covid lockdowns in the UK. It was something we really enjoyed and despite not having that option through lockdown we thought it might be interesting to test this out in a small group. 

Sundays are munch days on the discord, usually between 7 and 9 but often people this extended to midnight. After some frantic rushing around getting cameras setup in our rope room, we dropped into one of the video channels, effectively unannounced and without any introduction just started to tie. 

For the second time we explored the Leif Harness, with improved placement on the upper wraps and a much more solid execution…. And oh what a time we had. For the majority of the week we had been testing and most of our rope sessions were relatively static, lasting somewhere around the 15-20 minute mark… not today my friends… not today. This evening, at 11pm, somehow Pixie found the stamina to go through several transitions and changes for an hour-long scene testing both of our stamina limits and getting some extensive testing of different positions, uplines, load balancing torsions and connection between us. 

Starting with the Hug harness, we attached uplines for security and once again tested the futomomo leg harness. Due to some fatigue in the leg this wasn’t overly sustainable for Pixie and despite trying to shift the load with a single column and a waist rope, we needed to switch it up. Falling back to the mermaid tie, we originally intended to load this from the rear for a full face down suspension. However, once some additional wraps were completed we tested it a little for the loading against Pixies thighs and whether this was causing discomfort. Confident that this might work we opted for a front loading. Having attached the hanger on the horizontal bands she immediately felt discomfort and we brought it back down to ground level. Pixies feedback in my journey is invaluable and she noted that when I initially tested the harness with a pull it felt fine, balanced and comfortable, yet the upline was unbalanced and two of the 4 bands were taking most of the strain. I immediately realised my mistake, that I had attached the upline to the horizontal bands, rather than the vertical stem. With Pixies consent we tried again, with the Y hanger sitting on the central stem, she immediately exclaimed that there was no discomfort and we both had a momentary rejoice that we had found a sustainable way to load her thighs in suspension. In bringing her to a horizontal position she was caught in a  rather brutal torsion, a full 180 degree rotation of her body between the face down chest harness, and the waist up leg harness….. after all we don’t want things being too comfortable. 

Barely thinking about the camera in the corner of the room we explored together, conscious only of the rope and each other, working together to create something with the new skills we had acquired and the practice through the week. 



This was without doubt one of our most successful suspension scenes so far. We were able to go for longer, create a number of different positions, using different ties and skills we have learned, all in a cohesive way that allowed us to explore the rope together. At times Pixie was clearly deep in pain management and I was able to reassure her, bringing our face close, whispering praise in her ear that she was strong and powerful, emanating my pride in her stamina and dedication.

We were also able to adapt to things to improve on the experience, switching the futo to a more comfortable mermaid leg harness, not before trying to relieve that pressure with waist rope.

However…. Never without issue, at one point I did try to transition from the rear loading on the chest harness to a side loading…. Big mistake. Despite Lief’s clear description that the side lading Y hanger can move around, in the moment I failed to consider this and as son as I put tension on the line it pinched, right under Pixies armpit, causing her to wince and squeal in clear pain… The bruising is pretty bad and the guilt is real. Needless to say we removed it and didn’t go near that again for the rest of the session. At that point I also offered to bring the scene to a close, but once removed she was happy to go ahead and we were able to enjoy another 30 minutes of exploration. 

On the topic of streaming, we really didn’t pay much attention at all to the camera in the room, and the main test was that it didn’t impede on our ability to connect with each other. I think only a couple of people actually chose to watch, which was probably for the betteras we had no expectation or performance anxiety, with us bth agreeing it was something we could happily do again in the future. 

Pixie Seraphina

Coming Soon…


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