Nerve Risks in Rope

For most of us in the rope community, the biggest danger in shibari is undoubtedly the heightened risk of nerve damage. Although the risks in respect to dropping models from suspension are clearly significant and dramatic, or the purpling of limbs from circulation restriction that looks scary but in the most part does no constitute a major concern, these are not as prevalent or as dangerous as the instantaneous and sometimes permanent injury that can be sustained from nerve damage.

We are not doctors, or medical professionals, so rather than attempt to give advice and support here, we will refer to the information provided by others, which does include advice and support from medical professionals.

Anatomie Studio have a wonderful Flyer on Nerve Damage , below

Source : Anatomie Studio
Source: Anatomie Studio

In addition to this there is also some amazing information on Nerve and Circulation Problems on the Ropetopia Website, which is a snippet from The Rope Bottom Guide, written by the undeniably knowledgeable Clover Brook

In addition to the two great resources above, there is also an amazingly in depth articles on on Nerves and Circulation which forms part of a larger Rope 101 course that I highly recommend anyone to read for a clear and progressive path to approaching rope.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and over time we will add more resources to this post.

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