LAMchester v2 #3 – July

So this blog post is a little overdue… but life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way of you living fully immersed in your passions and desires.

But cast you mind back to the long distant past of July… in a club not far from Manchester’s Oxford Road station, a group of degenerates were assembling, tickets clutched in hands, negative lateral flow tests at the ready…

There were stalls of the most delectable hand crafted items of debauchery and perversion on display, discreetly tucked away from the public eye, keeping society safe from its kink starved reprobates who were in need of much overdue socialisation and stimulation. This is the joy of LAMChester, and would be my second visit to one of their events after our first was so enjoyable, resulting in buying new toys, wax, canes, dragon tail whips.

Being the first LAMChester event post Covid that had an afterparty, I had purchased my ticket well in advance, as an opportunity to meet in person some of the lovely folk who had kept us company virtually over the last year. However, in a shocking turn of events, Pixie decided the day before she would come for the afterparty and we bought her a ticket at 10pm the day before the event.

Midday, I awaited a group of virtual friends for us to arrive together, safety in numbers. As we descended into the seedy underbelly of Manchester’s kink scene, we were cordial friendly and respectful…. kink is in fact full of perfectly normal people, who like to enjoy the diversity of life.

The market itself is packed with a variety of items to delight all pleasures, but more importantly are the people. The stall holders are all well seasoned and experience kinksters, with an intimate knowledge of their craft. Half the fun of the market is talking to them, sharing knowledge and ideas, which resulted in the purchase of a beautiful set of Florentine floggers from F3werks (from whom we purchased the dragons tail 2 months prior).

Additional to the markets were also some great workshops, one I particularly enjoyed was the Kink Shrink, discussing various elements of the psychology in kink, an enjoyable conversation with a high degree of audience participation. This was followed by a demonstration from Funishments, if you like dice games and kink… check them out. The co-owner of which is also a lovely gent.

After an enjoyable afternoon of socialisation, inspiration and education, I headed home to grab some food, and a beautiful lady who I have the pleasure to call my wife and friend. Oh… and a bag of rope, because having discussed it the night before we wanted to keep the option open to try our very first public rope scene…

And how very glad we were… after arriving back at LAMChester the floors had been cleared of stalls, having been rep[laced with an array of spanking benches and a wonderful suspension cube for rope.

We arrived midway through Cosmic providing someone with their first rope experience, and we enjoyed thoroughly watching them take flight in a wonderfully crafted set of rope, cocoon in a hammock like tranquility. Although stylistically Cosmic’s methods differ to our own, it was undoubtedly a work of skill and experience and one we thoroughly enjoyed watching. Elsewhere the proprietors of Whips and Sticks were giving a pleasurable demonstration of several of their exquisitely crafted implements of impact, while others patrons were exploring and experimenting with their new toys.

After taking in the atmosphere, chatting to some new found friends and introducing Pixie for the first time to some, we decided that we definitely wanted to try a rope scene, in a rooms full of 100 people we didn’t know… For safety’s sake I approached Cosmic to request that he spot for us. Our rationale was that although we had prenegotiated the scene we would do, and had even had a practice run, tying a combination that we were both very comfortable and confident with, being in a new environment, different lighting, having an audience and the distractions of 4 simultaneous impact scenes going on around us, it was prudent to ensure another set of eyes and hands were available in the event of any issues.

Rather than talk though the scene… I will allow a picture to tell 1000 words, captured by the resident LAMChester photographer

Oh my my… what a wonderful evening.. Our first public rope scene was without doubt a wonderful experience. As Cosmic has rightly advised us, once we started to tie the audience melted away into the background, we were just two people, connected, experiencing each other and in our own little world.

We both came away form LAMChester on a high, having discovered something new within ourselves. Now as we reflect back, its obvious to us that public rope is something we really really enjoy, we have now had the chance to do a few more public scenes, at Cupids Club, the first post covid Manchester Rope Jam and recently at a private party at Townhouse, which was attended by a good few rope people that we have spoken to online and respected from afar, but hope to now count among friends.

Expect more public rope and events to appear here as we continue to develop in our rope relationships and hope to share that passion with those around us.

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