Swinging from the rooftops – Cupids

A few weeks ago we were invited to attend a swingers club… A first for us.

Having always been kinky, most of our play was private, albeit debaucherous. Yet after the lockdown restrictions in the UK were lifted we have made an effort to be more present in the local kink scene by attending events and meeting people that we have met online in person.

This started with our first foray into public events by attending LAMChester, a kink market in Manchester. The initial event was time limited and involved only shopping and socialising.

The second time we attended LAMchester we were able to experience more public play, which resulted in our first public rope suspension scene. We had never done anything like it before and we came away euphoric at the experience. We met some lovely people, had a great scene and watched some impact play, wax and some femdomme activities too. All non-nude, non sexual consensual fun.

However, this was to be a different…. Cupids is a local swingers club, that under new management is beginning to branch out more into the Fet/Kink scene. As part of that they were hosting their first kink focused event post lockdown, with the intention to do some beginners rope and some impact demonstrations.

Now although swinging is not our MO, and being aware there are usually quite different protocols in swinging events compared to Fet events, there was one thing we were acutely aware of from rope friends… Swingers nights tend to leave the Fet equipment in clubs more available than during a specific Fet night.

As this was a new event we also figured it might be quieter than some others we have not yet had chance to attend. After a quick discussion with the event organizer on what to expect and dress code, we decided to get a last minute babysitter and attend, offering to assist in the rope class and possibly demonstrate some more complex rope to the potential budding rope enthusiasts. What a great idea that turned out to be.

On arrival we were quite relaxed considering the newness of the situation. The club seemed quiet and as we entered a discreet building we were greeted cordially. We entered the changing rooms to get a little more comfortable and met the organiser who showed us around, including a dungeon space where a former sex swing hung, now just a set of chains… an idea forms…

As the night began we watched as people learned a simple chest harness and the excited murmurs of enjoying new sensations and skills. As everything seemed under control we started a little bit of our own rope play, a simple BoxTie/Gote and futomomo combination, that turned nicely into a hogtie. We played with the tensions to give a little back bend and some predicament elements, before untying and enjoying a nice cuddle.

As our confidence and comfortability grew we decided to do an impromptu demonstration down in the dungeon area. We had previously checked it out during our tour and there were hardpoints installed for a sex swing, that we could utilise for our ring setup. So after composing ourselves and packing our ropes we headed downstairs to the dungeon area, with a small entourage in tow, consisting of some kinksters and some regular patrons of the clubs other evenings. Everyone filed into the dungeon and found somewhere comfortable, be it a stool, the floor, a spanking bench or leaning on the st andrews cross.

After a small introduction about who we are, what we do and what to expect, we commenced with an unchoreographed rope scene. Initally starting with a chest harness, there were some questions from the crowd “how long have you been tying”, “what kind of rope do you use”, to which we made our best attempts to answer while focussing on the rope and each other. Harness complete I raised Pixie to her feet, attaching an upline for a side suspension.

Unbeknownst to me, as I started tying the first futomomo, someone in the crowd was explaining what we were doing, Pixie had told him we were going to do a dual futomomo. However, after attaching the first, I opted for just a single column tie on Pixies free leg. This gave her some freedom and flexibility to move around, which she seemed to enjoy, switching the leg from front to back and exploring the range of motion.

With some freedom and spinning under her belt, I continued our tie, with the addition of hair rope, through the ring and back to a mouth rope (uuunnnfff… this is quickly becoming a personal favourite of mine full disclosure, so the mouth rope wasn’t expected and Pixie rightly scolded me later for its positioning… a lesson learned). Following this I added a tenugui blindfold, to further immerse her into the rope and suspension, which met with some “ooo”‘s of approval from the crowd. Pixies audible moans of both delight and discomfort were more elevated than usual, which she later informed really helped her to deepen her experience and was something she enjoyed.

After some moments of enjoyment, watching her spin gracefully and enjoying each of her curves in the rope, I began the process of untying, firstly removing the blindfold, before gentle un-binding her mouth and hair. Once I released the additional wraps from the uplines I unhitched both the chest and futomomo uplines for a dual line descent, retaining the horizontal positioning as Pixie slowly descended to the floor, her post suspension glow and writing a sure sign she had enjoyed herself. After some cuddles we began the process of untying, which for us is just as important. Each rope is removed with purpose, tension retained as it slowly releases each part of her body. Savouring the experience, ensuring each moment is experience with intent. When the last rope was removed, we collapsed into an embrace, with cuddles and whispers.

As we finished, the room was almost empty, as people had quietly filed away to enjoy their own play and experiences elsewhere. A few people remained and asked us more about our experience, what we enjoyed about rope and what draws us to this expression of ourselves. We made some small talk while packing up our bags, then decided to call it an evening, heading home with another memorable experience to take with us, solidifying the desire to perform our art in front of other.

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