Intermediate Guide

So, youve got a grasp of your single column ties, and you know your half moon hitches from your munter hitch and youve played around with some basic shibari chest harnesses and single and double column ties…. So whats next.

Once you start to internalise the fundamental building blocks of Shibari/Japanese Rope Bondage, it becomes apparent that even the most complex of ties are a set of foundations built upon one another, and the skill and dexterity of those complex patterns is a matter of technical precision, skill and application, making the best and most appropriate choices of placements, tension and execution of your rope. Music contains only 8 notes, but these are arranged in such a way that infinite possibilities of emotional experience can be achieved, through the composition of those notes and the layers of depth that can be provided by different instruments and intonations that can be applied to them. This same concept applies within rope bondage.

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