Leif’s Hug Harness – Scene and Decompression – Part 2 20/06/2021

The Scene

After a week of intensive rope, learning and experience together, we decided that we would surprise some friends in our local munch discord server with a Live video of our rope. We don’t perform rope in front of others very often, and only had some group sessions with friends a handful of times before covid lockdowns in the UK. It was something we really enjoyed and despite not having that option through lockdown we thought it might be interesting to test this out in a small group. 

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Leif’s Hug Harness – Scene and Decompression – Part 1 (19/06/2021)

Taking what we learned from Leif’s Hug Harness Class on Shibari Study, we immediately retired to our rope room to test out what we had learned and see how the harness performed in suspension, getting a feel for it in comparison to the other arms front harness we had been using.

While it was fresh in my mind I was able to put together the harness pretty quickly and with no real issues, having learned from tying along with the class, I adapted slightly in adding a second rope before starting the top bands. This meant we weren’t left with a join on the front of the harness, giving a nicely balanced visual. The result being a bit of excess rope in the back of the harness that needed to be burned off in a way that didn’t add significant bulk to the rear. Adding an upline to the rear of the harness we embarked upon our first real solo face down suspension experience. 

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Christian Red Arms Front Harness – Scene and Decompression Notes – 17/06/2021 (Part 2)

The Scene

After a successful afternoon session (Read Part 1) testing the Christian Red arms Front Harness, we decided to take another attempt and creating this harness in the correct form, with a single shoulder strap and the frictions coming together under the elbows creating additional tension and holding them closer to the body. 

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Christian Red Arms Front Harness – Scene and Decompression Notes 17/06/2021 (Part 1)

The Scene

Last month we were treated to a 4-hour private tuition with Christian Red (@BondageTuition) to help us begin our journey into suspension. After 5 years of rope and 16 months of covid lockdown delaying our ability to get in person tuition we were both very excited to build the skills to get airborne.

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Online Class Thoughts – Leif’s Hug Harness – Shibari Study

Having seen that LeifBound and IcarusBound were doing a class on the Hug Harness, another Arms from variation that offers an alternative to the traditional box tie, I was super excited to try it out and give us a basis of comparison to the Arm Front Harness taught to us by Christian Red. Having seen the Hug Harness used many times by other ropey folks, we simply had to make the time for this class.

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How we started…

Way back in 2016 we were scrolling the depths of Tumblr, our dashboard being a mix of random things, mostly relating to parenting interspersed with the occasional bit of art and subversive media for our own entertainment.  

Having a history of kinky behaviours in our relationship we had often explored BDSM together, Pixie had even attached handled to the bedframe “to make it easier to carry” for any of our vanilla friends and family that might come to notice, but the reality was as a convenient anchor point for rope restraints that often occurred as part of general play. Blindfolds, sensory toys, impact play all formed part of our shared experience, with a little rope serving only as a handy restraint for other form of debauchery, restricting hands and legs from escape while all manner of immoral depravity took hold in our exploration of the human form and our ever-deepening connection of souls. So, it goes without saying some of our tumblring had its toe dipped firmly into the kinky pond, with a variety of D/s inspired art and meme’s that we would share together, beautiful erotic photography and stories that we would use as inspiration for our own sinful bedroom wickedness, alongside various other fetish inspired posts and blogs that tickled our interest. 

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