Our First Photo Shoot – Part 2

During our second half of the shoot Pixie had an idea of an interesting partial scene, using the Butterfly Harness from Shibari Study for an arms free anchor point, coupled with a mermaid leg tie and a strappado.

We have always had a healthy fear of strappado, it’s an extremely dangerous position, particularly when elevating the arms.

The position of drawing the arms back, although exposes the chest nicely, puts your shoulder under an immense amount of strain, it’s risk factor is considerably higher than many other positions, so this is something we have approached with a lot of caution and a great deal of practice.

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Our First Photo Shoot – Part 1

A Little while ago we met a wonderful gentleman at LAMChester, who after watching our rope scene introduced himself, had a chat and exchanged details. He informed us he was a photographer and was interested in shooting more fet/boudoir style content and had always been interested in rope.

When we got home I took some time to look up his IG profile and his work, to see what kind of stuff he did and whether or not it would be something we were interested in. Oh Me Oh My, what a wonderful eye.

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Swinging from the rooftops – Cupids

A few weeks ago we were invited to attend a swingers club… A first for us.

Having always been kinky, most of our play was private, albeit debaucherous. Yet after the lockdown restrictions in the UK were lifted we have made an effort to be more present in the local kink scene by attending events and meeting people that we have met online in person.

This started with our first foray into public events by attending LAMChester, a kink market in Manchester. The initial event was time limited and involved only shopping and socialising.

The second time we attended LAMchester we were able to experience more public play, which resulted in our first public rope suspension scene. We had never done anything like it before and we came away euphoric at the experience. We met some lovely people, had a great scene and watched some impact play, wax and some femdomme activities too. All non-nude, non sexual consensual fun.

However, this was to be a different…. Cupids is a local swingers club, that under new management is beginning to branch out more into the Fet/Kink scene. As part of that they were hosting their first kink focused event post lockdown, with the intention to do some beginners rope and some impact demonstrations.

Now although swinging is not our MO, and being aware there are usually quite different protocols in swinging events compared to Fet events, there was one thing we were acutely aware of from rope friends… Swingers nights tend to leave the Fet equipment in clubs more available than during a specific Fet night.

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LAMchester v2 #3 – July

So this blog post is a little overdue… but life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way of you living fully immersed in your passions and desires.

But cast you mind back to the long distant past of July… in a club not far from Manchester’s Oxford Road station, a group of degenerates were assembling, tickets clutched in hands, negative lateral flow tests at the ready…

There were stalls of the most delectable hand crafted items of debauchery and perversion on display, discreetly tucked away from the public eye, keeping society safe from its kink starved reprobates who were in need of much overdue socialisation and stimulation. This is the joy of LAMChester, and would be my second visit to one of their events after our first was so enjoyable, resulting in buying new toys, wax, canes, dragon tail whips.

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Leif’s Hug Harness – Scene and Decompression – Part 2 20/06/2021

The Scene

After a week of intensive rope, learning and experience together, we decided that we would surprise some friends in our local munch discord server with a Live video of our rope. We don’t perform rope in front of others very often, and only had some group sessions with friends a handful of times before covid lockdowns in the UK. It was something we really enjoyed and despite not having that option through lockdown we thought it might be interesting to test this out in a small group. 

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Leif’s Hug Harness – Scene and Decompression – Part 1 (19/06/2021)

Taking what we learned from Leif’s Hug Harness Class on Shibari Study, we immediately retired to our rope room to test out what we had learned and see how the harness performed in suspension, getting a feel for it in comparison to the other arms front harness we had been using.

While it was fresh in my mind I was able to put together the harness pretty quickly and with no real issues, having learned from tying along with the class, I adapted slightly in adding a second rope before starting the top bands. This meant we weren’t left with a join on the front of the harness, giving a nicely balanced visual. The result being a bit of excess rope in the back of the harness that needed to be burned off in a way that didn’t add significant bulk to the rear. Adding an upline to the rear of the harness we embarked upon our first real solo face down suspension experience. 

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Christian Red Arms Front Harness – Scene and Decompression Notes – 17/06/2021 (Part 2)

The Scene

After a successful afternoon session (Read Part 1) testing the Christian Red arms Front Harness, we decided to take another attempt and creating this harness in the correct form, with a single shoulder strap and the frictions coming together under the elbows creating additional tension and holding them closer to the body. 

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Christian Red Arms Front Harness – Scene and Decompression Notes 17/06/2021 (Part 1)

The Scene

Last month we were treated to a 4-hour private tuition with Christian Red (@BondageTuition) to help us begin our journey into suspension. After 5 years of rope and 16 months of covid lockdown delaying our ability to get in person tuition we were both very excited to build the skills to get airborne.

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