A collection of resources and research we have conducted, including Rope Tutorials, Articles, Books and Our reviews and thoughts that may be useful to others exploring themselves in this community. Despite our experience we still consider ourselves perpetual students of this craft and will continue to learn about it for many years to come.


Find tutorials form many different Shibari Teachers from around the world, some of those who inspired and assisted us in our rope journey, masters in their craft

Kink and Culture

Shibari is more than just rope, born out of many nuanced culturally significant parts of Japanese History, this section will explore some aspects of the Japanese culture behind Shibari, but also the wider culture of Kink across the world.

Safety and Anatomy

Rope, Shibari, Kinbaku, whatever terminology you use, is dangerous. This sections will contain various safety and anatomical resources that we find useful in understanding the risks of Shibari and how we can practice it in an SSC, RACK, or PRICK way.