A collection of Shibari tutorial resources from across the web, that we have found useful in our rope journey, and we hope you find useful in yours. Each section has an intro guide, then various blog posts with links to Tutorials we have used and advocate. We may even create some of our, but why reinvent the wheel if someone is already driving a car?


We all start somewhere, so this collection of posts contains links to various beginner resources, from single and double column ties, spreader bars and simple ties like the spiral futomomo.


Once you know your Somerville from your Boola-Boola, and you understand basic frictions you will want to expand your repertoire with some intermediate ties like your first Box Tie/Gote and more complex harnesses


Advanced techniques like suspension should only be taught in person with the correct techniques, tension and patterns. This section is for reference on patterns and techniques you should already have learned in person.