Our First Photo Shoot – Part 2

During our second half of the shoot Pixie had an idea of an interesting partial scene, using the Butterfly Harness from Shibari Study for an arms free anchor point, coupled with a mermaid leg tie and a strappado.

We have always had a healthy fear of strappado, it’s an extremely dangerous position, particularly when elevating the arms.

The position of drawing the arms back, although exposes the chest nicely, puts your shoulder under an immense amount of strain, it’s risk factor is considerably higher than many other positions, so this is something we have approached with a lot of caution and a great deal of practice.

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Our First Photo Shoot – Part 1

A Little while ago we met a wonderful gentleman at LAMChester, who after watching our rope scene introduced himself, had a chat and exchanged details. He informed us he was a photographer and was interested in shooting more fet/boudoir style content and had always been interested in rope.

When we got home I took some time to look up his IG profile and his work, to see what kind of stuff he did and whether or not it would be something we were interested in. Oh Me Oh My, what a wonderful eye.

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Advanced Guide

At this point I want you to stop….

Take a look back on your progress and appreciate the skills your have developed and ask yourself why you find yourself here.

Advance Shibari techniques can take literally years to become proficient in, and decades to master. This isn’t something we recommend you learn from online resources alone. If you haven’t been to any in person classes/workshops, tied with those more experienced than you, tied with different people or had any problems in your rope scenes that required you to stop, assess and resolve, these techniques probably aren’t for you….. yet.

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Christian Red Arms Front Harness – Scene and Decompression Notes 17/06/2021 (Part 1)

The Scene

Last month we were treated to a 4-hour private tuition with Christian Red (@BondageTuition) to help us begin our journey into suspension. After 5 years of rope and 16 months of covid lockdown delaying our ability to get in person tuition we were both very excited to build the skills to get airborne.

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Online Class Thoughts – Leif’s Hug Harness – Shibari Study

Having seen that LeifBound and IcarusBound were doing a class on the Hug Harness, another Arms from variation that offers an alternative to the traditional box tie, I was super excited to try it out and give us a basis of comparison to the Arm Front Harness taught to us by Christian Red. Having seen the Hug Harness used many times by other ropey folks, we simply had to make the time for this class.

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